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Cienfuegos, the City of the Sea, known also as the Pearl of South is a desired destination for lovers of diving. Its submarine bottoms are among the most attractive of the Island. Diving is one of the most developed tourist modalities in this region. The coast and some small beaches with exit to the Caribbean Sea border the whole city. They are ideal places for a dive.

There are more than 30 dive sites available. Three centers specialize in diving, two of them in Rancho Luna Beach. Initiation courses and day and night dives courses are given to those interested. Catamaran rides, water bikes and kayaks are also available.

Rancho Luna beach is visited by a large audience, mostly during the summer season. It is located a few kilometers from the urban center of Cienfuegos. It has fine sand and calm waters. Some bathers enjoy the sun and others prefer to shelter from the heat under the umbrellas built with wood and guano. The area is surrounded by abundant vegetation and gastronomic offers are available.

In Rancho Luna, the depths vary between 6 and 40 meters. Infinity of underwater species of all sizes and colors inhabit the littoral platform. Immersionists who come to these diving areas are attracted to their submerged caves, sunken ships, underwater valleys and coral formations. Here is the largest column coral of the entire American continent, the “Notre Dame”, 5 m high. Its structural aspect is very similar to the famous Parisian cathedral.

Nearby is the Faro Luna Hotel and the Cienfuegos Dolphinarium. There are a few private rental houses around. All them have good conditions and sea view. It is a quiet area, ideal for rest.

For visit: From entrance Hotel Faro Luna to Playa Rancho Luna, 20 Kilometers from Cienfuegos center (“22.03642, -80.42115”).  Free access daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez