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The Anti-imperialist Tribune is a space of Vedado in Havana capital. Here have place ceremonies, concerts and political and cultural activities, mainly, for Cuban youth.

It was built in front of the Havanan Malecon and to the current Embassy of United States, in the year 2000, with the purpose of becoming the platform on which the Cubans could defend their truth before the world.

The statue that takes for name Martí Anti-imperialist is a symbol of the Tribune, highlighting the the National Hero’s figure and thought. Also, the sculpture is surrounded by ten steel towers in vertical form, and in its base these towers have the names of 101 personalities of the history of the Island and of Latin America.

The Tribune has modern technology as for the lights and to the equipment of audio, this facilitates the reach of the presentations and a bigger quality for the public’s enjoyment.

Its structure was conceived simulating a torch, as symbol of the freedom, and it can concentrate up to a hundred thousand people, allowing the concurrence from many to the activities.

Cuban artists as X Alfonso, Buena Fe or Los Van Van, as well as others of international fame, among those stands out Air Supply, Kool & the Gang and Calle 13, they have been presented in the Anti-imperialist Tribune.

Without doubts, it is a symbol of the capital of the Island and of the Cubans in defense of their ideals and their culture. A scenario to show the cubanía and the national identity.

For visits: Calzada avenue between L and M, Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba (23.145628, -82.38613)

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño