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What better way to know Cuba than in the backseat of an “almendrón”? These cars, whose peculiar name comes from their resemblance to a giant almond, depart every morning to the most varied destinations of our geography.

A huge fleet of Fords, Pontiacs, Chevrolets, Dodges and Cadillacs transports a considerable segment of the Cuban population daily, while participating in parties, tours and circuits for foreign visitors.

Driven by friendly drivers who become authentic tour guides, these vehicles of the mid-twentieth century run in perfect condition through the main arteries of the country, guaranteeing the comfort of the most exquisite customers.

The so-called vintage cars are invaluable automotive and heritage gems: since their proliferation in the 1990s, the “almendrones” have become part of the national identity.

A halo of exoticism and seduction envelops these vehicles, rolling museums able to outwit the avatars of time and captivate the visitor with its peculiar charm.

Traveling in “almendrón” is an opportunity to revive the golden age of the American automobile and enjoy the essence of Cuban culture, its many expressions, its vitality and its charm.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco